How Do I Get a Commercial Gas Safe Certificate?

Running a commercial business comes with many responsibilities and requirements that may not be so obvious from the outset. The management and licensing of a commercial property are often more complex than many business owners expect it to be because many layers of safety checks and legal requirements are necessary to keep the doors open.

Phil from Gastec Training said “One of these steps is getting a Gas Safe Certificate for your commercial premises. Getting and keeping this license is crucial to being able to open and operate your business so it is important to know what a Gas Safe Certificate is and how to get one.”

What is a Commercial Gas Safe Certificate?

In the trades, a Gas Safe Certificate is known as a CP-12. This outlines the appliances tested and found to comply with the law and is otherwise known as a Gas Safety Record form. This document is the official confirmation that all the gas appliances on the premises have been professionally inspected and tested by a Gas Safe Registered gas engineer, as determined by the Commercial Gas Safety Regulations of 2018.

Who Needs a Commercial Gas Safe Certificate?

Any commercial property holder who owns a building with gas appliances that is open to the public, rented or occupied must comply with the law and have a Commercial Gas Safe Certificate. Buildings such as schools, hotels, bed and breakfasts, hostels, public buildings, commercial kitchens and more must all comply. 

If you own a building in which there are services or dwellings available to people, you are responsible for the gas appliances and the gas supply in the building. The installation and use regulations become your responsibility as the owner. There are many types of certificates including:

  • CP17 Gas Safety Certificate
  • CP15 Plant Room Commissioning/Serving Record
  • CP44 Mobile Catering Gas Safety Certificate
  • CP16 Gas Testing and Purging
  • CP42 Commercial Catering Gas Safety Certificate (for restaurants, hotels and any commercial businesses with a catering installation)

How Much Does a Gas Safe Certificate Cost?

The cost of a commercial gas safe certificate costs on average around £200 per gas appliance.

How Do I Get a Commercial Gas Safe Certificate?

You must have a Gas Safe Registered gas engineer come to your premises and inspect every gas appliance on the premises. They must also test any extractions systems and fittings  that are present to ensure that they are working properly (operational tests, functionality, pressure, and a visual inspection). The results of this inspection will go on your Gas Safety Record Form, which will include all the appliances, any engineer present, and the date, as well as any other pertinent information.

How Often Do I Need to Renew My Gas Safe Certificate?

All commercial buildings are required to renew their certificate for their commercial property every 12 months. If the Gas Safe Certificate is not renewed or wasn’t done in the first place, your commercial business insurance can be invalidated, making you personally liable for any damages or incidents on your property. Additionally, you will likely receive fines and penalties for not complying with the gas safety regulation laws.

Commercial Gas Safe Certificates

Ensure that, as a business or property owner, you have the necessary documentation and certification to protect yourself, your property and all the people that are on the premises.

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