Home Makeover for the Winter

The season to warm your hands and heart and cozy up – Winter is here! This time of the year allows us to get most comfortable inside our home – making use of warm hues, textures and layers. We add carpets and rugs to our living space and switch up the fabrics in our homes to match the mood and time. The following ideas will further inspire you to decorate your space in a way that reflects the unique winter vibe. Whether it is a minimal winter look you seek  or something more edgy and artsy, these ideas are sure to find a place in your winter plans. Let’s explore winter, decorating with joy and make the most of the majesty the season offers!

Change in Fabrics
Winter allows for the chance to be cozy and take life just a little slower than usual. Are you looking for a freshness, or is it a bit of shine you want to add to your winter home? Play with colours and fabrics and make use of cozy accents inside your nest. You could also opt for a pop of colour by using bright fabrics of deep reds and bottle greens for both a wintery and festive touch. For further warmth, choose accents like candles and even cozy blankets and throws for a warmer vibe. If you wish to add a hint of character to your spaces, choose decorative pillows and throws. And finally, one of the best ways to updo your winter decor is by changing up your fabrics! Try to use soft and cozy textiles like suede for your pillows and cashmere throws for a wintery, luxurious feel.

Handmade Carpets & Rugs
Decorating with carpets and rugs is ideal in the Winter months. Warm and stylish, they are able to add copiously to any interior space without much ado. The sheer variety of materials and sizes of rugs and carpets can be overwhelming, which is why it is worth knowing your size and material needs when choosing a carpet/rug. The material should be something that can stand the test of time as carpets are able to sustain up to decades! Find options for your homespace on aravalii.com – both carpets for big spaces and rugs for smaller spaces. Choosing a bold look or material will allow for an interesting look and feel in your space. 

Adding Lamps to Corners
Winter doesn’t need to be all about layering and bundling up for cozy corners. It can also be about meticulously adding a lamp to corners of your spaces for an enigmatic feel.One can also go for a more classic choice of a chandelier or a pendant light if one is leaning towards the more contemporary side. For those who enjoy minimal light, choosing lanterns for their spaces makes more sense as they can be placed in tiny corners or as bigger elements for the mantle. Floor lamps are an excellent option for people who want to add a touch of elegance to their interiors. A brass or amber lamp could be an interesting choice for the winter season. Including some soft and fuzzy throws and blankets with cushions will make your room seem more open and inviting. Welcome winter with open arms! Browse the collection of lamps and lanterns on aravalii.com to choose the perfect fit for your home. 

Choose Light by Adding Mirrors
Winter is the right time to play with light and allow for some airy decorating. Mirrors are an interesting option to allow for this, with their flexibility of either hanging them on walls or placing them as part of decor. Not only are they able to bring brightness into any space but they also manage to create room for other decor elements like vases or plants or art. They also have the magical trait of making smaller spaces look more spacious while also making larger spaces look more wholesome. You could be looking to go for a minor or major makeover to your space – either way mirrors will manage to shine through – quite literally. 

Green Up your Space!
There are too many choices when it comes to winter decorations on how to change up your space – making it cooler and warmer. It is worth keeping in mind that plants are a great way to make use of natural light and add an element of life to any room. One can experiment with different plant types – air-purifying or succulents – both bringing in a fresh new feel to your space. You can also choose from a variety of different planters – be it ceramic, terracotta, metal or more. All of this variety, including the plants are available to buy on aravalii.com – for your home and the homes of those dearest to you.

Change in Colour Theme
Nothing screams makeover louder than a shift in color and theme! If your existing space is bright – go warmer in your choice. If your space is already warm, consider going lighter and brighter for a change in energy and feel. A color switch allows for a shift in your space without making a big deal or involving too much effort. You could play with patterns and textures for added elements in your renovation. You could choose warm tones of purples, reds or blues or go bright with oranges, pinks and yellows. In an extra effort to uplift the space, you could choose accents in hues or shades of the color you choose for your new walls. Winter allows us to be brave in our choices and experiment boldly – go ahead and choose away!

Hang Elements Outside your Home
Winter decor can be made interesting through the simplest of means – one of the best being incorporating elegant elements just outside your home. One can choose the charm and tranquility of wind chimes, the chitter and warmth of a bird feeder or simply natural ornaments made of acorns or branches from your garden. One could also use branches from trees in your garden to create a little nook to sit and read with a cup of hot tea or coffee in the cold weather. When considering a more permanent option, it is worth installing stone tiles to the exterior walls of your home. If you choose to use logs of wood, you will achieve a more rustic vibe to your decor. You can also choose to add greenery with holly around your home.

If you’re searching for apartments for rent in Bellevue WA, you can enhance your winter decor with simple yet elegant elements just outside your home. Incorporating wind chimes, bird feeders, or natural ornaments like acorns and branches from your garden can add charm and tranquility to the surroundings. Consider installing stone tiles to the exterior walls of your apartment for a more permanent and sophisticated touch.

Winter is a time of nesting and bundling up as much as it is a time to get together and celebrate with family during the holidays. It’s a season of joy and wonder as much as it is a season to sit back and relax with loved ones. It’s a time for newness and change for the new year – and what better than changes in the style and vibe of your very home! From choosing new lamps and other accents for your spaces to switching up the fabrics in your home, to adding new rugs, candles and even logs to your space, there’s many ideas listed here to get you started on your journey of wintering up! Winter decorations are truly quite simple when one knows which direction to go – all it really takes is adding that slight element of magic to your life!

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