Catholic vs. Public Schools: Making the Right Choice for Your Child

Catholic vs. Public Schools

You should take your time finding the ideal school for your children. Some aspects need to be taken into consideration when making decisions about this because it will contribute to shaping their character and their future. Therefore, every parent aspires to send their little ones to the best school, for example is the Canberra primary school under the catholic administration. 

If you are still contemplating of choosing the right institution for your child, read on to find the answer to your concern, as this article will distinguish facts between Catholic and public schools.

  • Accessibility

Going to school is not a single occurrence, but it will be a routine that lasts for several years. Therefore, you should carefully think about the location of the school and the transportation that your kids will take. If the distance is quite far from your residence, then you should also anticipate potential traffic during peak hours.

Generally, public schools can be found in areas that are accessible by public transportation. Some school districts even offer school bus services. 

On the contrary, private schools, including Catholic institutions, usually expect the students to arrange their transportation independently. However, catholic primary schools are usually located in the same cluster as their church. So, it’s going to benefit your child to attend Catholic school if you reside near the parish church.

  • Learning focus and environment

A class in public schools usually consists of more students than in Catholic schools. Consequently, it creates a significantly different learning environment between each other.

In public schools, self-driven students potentially achieve more accomplishments, as the teachers can’t focus on each student’s potential individually, due to their high number.

On the other hand, Catholic academic institutions implement learning processes that not only focus on the whole students’ development but also have personalised mentoring to keep track of the student’s progress on an individual basis.

With these differences, Catholic schools undoubtedly create a supportive learning atmosphere where students can concentrate more on school subjects and personal skills improvement. 

  • Higher education

If you want your children to pursue a bachelor’s degree in a reputable university, then you should consider sending them to Canberra primary school affiliated with the catholic church. Catholic schools prioritise their students’ readiness to pursue higher education. They accommodate as many preparations as possible such as counseling, test preparation, education exhibition, and connecting the students with school alumni who have successfully graduated from universities.

Such guidance is oftentimes lacking in public schools because school counsellors have to take care of large groups of students.

In conclusion, both public schools and Catholic schools have their advantages. You should keep in mind that every kid is unique and may require different learning methods and environments. Don’t be intimidated by other parents’ school choices, and just focus on the type of school that suits your kids the best.

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